Mitchell park horticultural conservatory (the domes)
About Mitchell park horticultural conservatory (the domes):

Experience a desert oasis, a tropical jungle and special floral gardens . . .
all in one afternoon . . . and an amazing lighting display in the evening!

The incredible diversity of plantlife you will encounter reminds us all of the Earth's unique diversity of plant and animal species so very vital to our own survival.

Come to the deserts of Africa, Madagascar, South America and North America in the Desert Dome where one of the world's finest collections of cacti, succulents, shrubs and arid-land bulbs grow. An Oasis of Pampas Grass and desert palms beckons as paths lead you past many plant oddities with intriguing geometric forms, subtle coloration and unique adaptations to hot, dry habitats.

Stroll the jungle-like trails of the Tropical Dome and see a rich diversity of plants from the rainforests of five continents. Showy flowers, fruits, nuts, spices and a multitude of orchids and bromeliads surround you as you're drawn toward a rushing waterfall in this paradise. Be sure to look for the colorful birds that call the Tropical Dome their home.

Enter a themed floral exhibit filling the Floral Show Dome with gardens of color. Five seasonal displays each year will delight you with their beauty and will serve to inspire your own gardens.



For plant information, visit the UW-Extension website

To become more involved with the Conservatory, many plant enthusiasts join the Friends of the Domes for the opportunity to support and learn more about horticulture and the Earth's vital habitats.


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